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It’s your true encounters that make the show exciting!

To submit your story click on the link (please ensure you agree to the terms and conditions below):

By submitting your story, you agree that we may share your story and distribute and/or edit your submission, including but NOT limited to: podcast, broadcast, video,books, audio book, or any other physical, audio or visual medium of our choosing. You release all rights to the story and agree that no compensation of any kind shall be made to you at any time for the rights to use the story. There will be no compensation awarded (monetary or otherwise) for use of submitted material. If you do not wish to grant Knock Once For Yes these rights, it is suggested that you do not submit information to this website

We will of course respect your privacy and indeed, anonymity, so if you would rather be referred to in the show by a handle or nickname please just let us know.

You can now also call us! If you are in the UK just call:

01933 746076

International callers call:

+441933 746076

and leave a voicemail with your story.

Please note that the answerphone service automatically terminate a call after a few seconds of silence. If you find you are cut off, please just call back and continue from where you left off, we can edit the audio together again in the studio. You can of course start again if you prefer.

Whilst we love creepy stories in general, please try to relate events as accurately as you can recollect them. We know memory is fallible so mistakes are understandable but, after all, the truth is often stranger than fiction and far more compelling!

If you can, try to include as much information as possible, if you can’t remember don’t worry, but if you know it was a warm night in mid-September 2012, or it always happened at 3am then we’d love that information. You can either work this into the story or provide a short note at the beginning. We are looking for common themes as a lot of the encounters we are aware of share certain features. If we can find the perfect storm of common elements, we may well try a special show carrying out an investigation.

You can even attach audio files that you have pre-recorded or text documents that you have pre-written.


If recording your story, please do so in as quiet an area as possible. If you record it whilst doing the chores or with a lot of background noise it may not be usable due to sound quality. Also, the more engaged you are in the telling of your story, the creepier it will be for the listeners!

Most smartphones have voice recorder apps which are super easy to use.