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United StatesUnited States2020-03-025Iuch!A a really Entertaining Supernatural PodcastI am a huge skeptic, but this podcast is delightful. You get wonderful creepy stories, and a bit of British history with ghostly happenings. Lil and Fitz have wonderful voices, and they sound like the nicest people. They do a terrific job telling ghost stories, and the history is always fascinating to listen to. As an American, I am envious of all the history they have so close to home. Often I get chills listening to them recount the spooky stories that other listeners send in. This is one of my favorite podcasts!
United StatesUnited States2020-02-225maria se fue220Soooo good!I just listened to the first episode of 2020, and just fell in love. These two are extremely thoughtful and intelligent with their analysis. I can’t wait to hear more and start from episode one. I’m sure you’ve got listeners all over, but you’ll likely be gaining a few more from NY, since I will be recommending this podcast to quite a few people who love the paranormal.
United StatesUnited States2020-02-075TampaMissyAbsolutely Brilliant!I ADORE Lil and Fitz! They are amazing, have such wonderful voices and sound absolutely adorable! My new favorite paranormal podcast, for sure!
United StatesUnited States2020-02-045Lexshark83I love you both so much!If you listen to this podcast for nothing else but Lil’s soothing voice, I do not blame you. If these two decide to have children one day those kids are not going to let them skip a bedtime story even for one night. Fitz and Lil are so sweet together and tell the greatest stories. Their relationship seems so genuine and sincere as well as their dedication to the paranormal. I just love, love, love this podcast!
United StatesUnited States2020-01-305Go go grammaGreatMy new favorite!
United StatesUnited States2020-01-025???`Brilliant in every wayLove love love Fitz and Lil. They tell the best stories and I just want to be bffs with them. The only downside is their pod is only monthly, I’d like them daily!🤪🤪
United StatesUnited States2019-12-315stillnotanonymousOne of the bestI just found this podcast and I absolutely love it. The hosts are wonderful and I love the listener stories, local legends, and interviews. Thanks so much for a fascinating podcast!
United StatesUnited States2019-12-2751person's opinionNo Really! Start charging you AirPods NowI started listen to this podcast hoping to be entertained. Well, I have been totally impressed by how funny, serious, interesting, historic, amazing, charming, witty, spooky, creepy and totally put together this podcast is! Lil and Fitz thanks and please keep up the great work! I’ve recommend your podcast to friends in the UK & the US and everyone is enjoying as much as me. All the Best in 2020! Tante
United StatesUnited States2019-12-255HelloandNoExcellentLove this show. always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes
United StatesUnited States2019-12-095ARomynLove It!I stumbled upon this Podcast and quickly binged my way through. Love, love, love it! *Still listening years later! Lil and Fitz continue to present quality spooky stories and interesting interviews in their characteristic relaxed and non-judgmental approach. Definitely a podcast worth subscribing to!
United StatesUnited States2019-10-032DreamDamageJust okA little dry.
United StatesUnited States2019-06-085MandiSchuHappy happenstanceI stumbled across this podcast via twitter. I'm so glad that I checked out the podcast because i really enjoy it! Keep it up!
United StatesUnited States2019-06-085UtahnyLove this podcastThis is a delightful podcast led by an absolutely charming couple who tell stories and read contributions by people who have experienced unusual or paranormal events. They are kind to their contributors and to each other and seem to thoroughly enjoy each other. They air their podcast only once a month but each is well prepared and full of interesting things. I really enjoy each one.
United StatesUnited States2019-05-315readingAprilSo much spooky fun!The hosts are so much fun! Their chemistry and banter is top-notch. I binge listened after learning about their podcast from a Ghost in the Burbanites Facebook group comment. Always excited when a new episode drops! The mix of listener stories, “pings on the paranormal radar”, and paranormal postcards keeps it fresh and entertaining, and of course, spooky! Thanks for putting out a fun, high quality podcast!
United StatesUnited States2019-04-305KT&OllieNew favoriteI’ve chosen to listen to Knock Once For Yes only in the evening, after the sun has set. After discovering the podcast earlier this month, I’ve allowed myself one episode per day in order to draw out the experience for as long as possible until I’m all caught up. (No binging this gem of a show.) The excitement begins with the pressing of my index finger to the screen of my phone and hearing the creepy intro, which I now know by heart, followed closely by their pleasing voices that never fail to pull me right in. Next is the palpable anticipation as I wonder where I’ll be transported to THIS time - and then the thrill of experiencing the scary, tense, shocking or sometimes emotional stories from Lil, Fitz and fellow listeners. These two don’t seem like strangers to me, but more like familiar friends. Each time I settle in for my next listen, I feel as if I’ve been invited right inside KOFY HQ with them; that we’re all sitting around in the living room on comfy sofas with our hands wrapped around a hot cup of tea, the kitties curled up next to us and, fingers crossed, not a skitterer in sight!
United StatesUnited States2019-04-295JessInTheSouthwestI needed this!I’ve been looking for a great paranormal podcast for a while and you guys nailed it!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-255Ghost_LyricWhat have I been missing!?Obviously, this podcast! So, I’m a little late to the game, but I am so glad I found it! I don’t know what I can say that hasn’t been said - the hosts Liz and Fitz are lovely, enjoyable and just set a wonderful tone for each show! The content is top-notch, the production is flawless and they bring new life into every spooky tale and topic they cover! I want to invite them over for a sleepover or campfire or both! In a sea of so many really great paranormal shows, theirs is a stand-out, and I’m so glad I have so many episodes to binge! Thank you!!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-225VenturianTale is awsomeFantastic podcastI cannot recommend this podcast enough!! The stories, listener submissions, and the conversations in every show are very thoughtfully composed and presented. Lovely work, by lovely people!
United StatesUnited States2019-01-165marianneCPLet me count the waysHow do I love this podcast? Let me count: 1. Great stories. Both their own stories and those they share from listeners are so much fun! And they are vey well written. 2. History! The history from the haunted places Fitz and Lil visit is interesting in and of itself. 3Fitz and Lil have wonderful voices. They take turns telling the stories and you can just close your eyes and be carried away. 4.Also the interactions between the two of them are lovely. They have been identified as soul mates and indeed they are. Their enthusiasm back and forth elevates the podcast one more notch. What don't I like? Nothing. I'm just waiting fot the Paranormal Postcards coffee table book to come out!
United StatesUnited States2018-12-035Lori LacellGreat chills and fun!You will quickly be hooked on this excellently produced podcast. Lots of wonderful stories from listeners as well as from the hosts Lil and Fritz. Very entertaining and nothing too scary for little ones.
United StatesUnited States2018-12-015PatcrewsI wish they were on everyday!Of all the podcasts out there Fitz and Lil keep me spell bound! Their voices are so melodic and blend so well together which makes listening a pleasure! They can spin a story too, and you cling to each word! Thank you both for helping this old man enjoy these stories I gave up on years ago!
United StatesUnited States2018-11-205celiaaa!Great Real Paranormal Story PodcastI listen to a lot of paranormal podcasts and I just recently found this one and it’s quickly became one of my favorites! Their chemistry is great but so is the content!
United StatesUnited States2018-10-315Bigbuffetboy81The best!This is the best paranormal podcast around!!!
United StatesUnited States2018-10-095Jackhauprich🙂Really enjoy this podcast from the UK!
United StatesUnited States2018-07-265Shaun P. T.Such a wonderful showFrom subject matter, to personality, to presentation, everything about this show is wonderful. Lil and Fitz present stories and ideas so interestingly that it's quite like gathering around a fire and being enraptured.
United StatesUnited States2018-07-025CulinaryPirateLove this podcast!So informative and the hosts are so down-to-earth and entertaining. I also love the listener stories. Please make more episodes per month!
United StatesUnited States2018-06-245kariokeeFunI love listening to you guys your fun and informative keep up the good work thank you
United StatesUnited States2018-05-175Jessluv526So fun!Lil and Fitz win for cutest couple. Love the podcast, so much fun listening, can’t wait for more!
United StatesUnited States2018-05-085OaklandCaitFantastic podcastI just discovered this podcast and I’m in love! Binging all the episodes while I work and giving myself the chills. Utterly charming, spooky, and entertaining
United StatesUnited States2018-02-285Todd HedgesFantastic podcastI have been listening for a few months now and am a huge fan. Both Lil and Fitz do a fantastic job being prepared, professional but with a laid back and real approach as well. Keep up the great work guys and look forward to listening to future shows!!
United StatesUnited States2018-02-155QuoyletteI love Fitz and Lil!Well done stories with lots of creepiness! They provide fun and wonderful history on haunted places. Thanks Lil and Fitz! Quoylette (aka Elizabeth)
United StatesUnited States2018-02-025bigblue1065AmazingLove the podcast!!! One of if not the best out!!! Keep up the good work.
United StatesUnited States2017-11-185Lantern_Jackgreat stuff!Charming and chilling at the same time. Great story-telling. A highly recommended show!
United StatesUnited States2017-09-175Jz4270Love this show!If you love discussions of the paranormal, you should be listening to this podcast! Both hosts are excellent storytellers and the chemistry between the two of them is fantastic. You can tell they really have a lot of enthusiasm for this subject.
United StatesUnited States2017-08-315Melisa0296So Good!!!This is my favorite podcast and I wait impatiently for each new episode. Lil and Fitz have perfect chemistry and the way they react to the stories submitted are brilliant. The mix of stories from mainland Europe, the UK, and the US are such a lovely mix. Thank you for this podcast and please, keep them coming!!!
United StatesUnited States2017-08-225Izzie iTunesFresh treatmentThe hosts are charming the topic is intriguing and I am totally hooked. I love this fresh treatment of scary stories. This is a professional production, an honest and knowledge treatment of the topic, and a fun telling of unexplained experiences. Keep it up - your listeners will find you!
United StatesUnited States2017-07-275Picsmaster!!!!!!!Won over a skepticI'm a huge skeptic and typically can find a rational explanation for most "happenings". That said, this podcast is brilliant! Their stories are read perfectly, the research is great and the banter between hosts is delightful. I look forward to each new episode! Keep it up
United StatesUnited States2017-07-235HistoryGoesBumpMy Favorite Real Ghost Story Podcast!There are many podcasts out there that feature people's real tales of paranormal encounters. This one is my favorite! They hold my attention with each story and they have so many creepy ones! I like the variety of throwing in an interview or visiting a supposedly haunted location. The chemistry is great, the production is great and they seem like really nice people as well. This should definitely be in your podcast rotation! My only complaint is that I want more!
United StatesUnited States2017-07-135Jhawk7081Sweet!Stange noises, broken glass and moving furniture. What more do you need! Great stories, fun times!
United StatesUnited States2017-07-025Rkg61953Fabulous storytelling.I listen to a lot of podcasts for this genre. This is one of my new favorites. The hosts r excellent. The stories r well presented and always fascinating. "Don't Miss!"
United StatesUnited States2017-06-155SjdjdbdbExcellentWonderful hosts and content!
United StatesUnited States2017-05-235ksloveswineLove these creepy stories!This is one of the best paranormal podcasts out there. Fitz and Lil recount their own ghost stories and the stories of others perfectly. I find myself looking over my shoulder often while listening to their stories! I'm hoping this podcast becomes a bi-weekly show!!
United StatesUnited States2017-05-075Bookshelves91Nice and creepy!I really enjoyed this podcast. I especially like the interview with Keith Linder. I can't wait for more episodes and I want to hear more about the spirit at Coffee HQ.
CanadaCanada2019-04-135AndreaWrenAwesome and creepyI love these hosts and the creepy stories they tell. Bedtime goosebumps!
CanadaCanada2019-02-255IlyanaRVSLove it!Lil and Fitz are wonderful to listen to, very entertaining and funny. It’s hilarious the way they manage to freak themselves out with some of the stories they tell.
CanadaCanada2018-12-205DivemomddLove the Paranormal AdventuresMy daughter and I enjoy your podcast. Love listening to your adventures and especially love the paranormal postcard. Love the Christmas Specials. Love from 🇨🇦
CanadaCanada2018-11-035michellea_olsenAmazing storytelling hostsI love listening to the hosts of KOFY - their storytelling skills and cadence are simply amazing. This is the kind of podcast that I listen to as my bedtime story, but that also keeps me up at night. I love everything about it!
CanadaCanada2018-05-285Spooky NyxOne of the best!I absolutely love this podcast! Lil and Fitz are amazing hosts and genuinely lovely people. Best listened to at night while snuggled up in bed with a cup of tea, a cat, and a thunderstorm. 😊 The only thing I don’t like about it is the wait between episodes! 😜
CanadaCanada2018-04-025Andres Garcia29Amazing Story telling from 2 amazing story tellersJust started listening and I am hooked. The hosts have a very soothing, yet provide so much atmosphere to their story telling. Hooked
CanadaCanada2017-04-105MadnessPodGreat stories!Just started listening and am hooked! Great show you two! Keep it up!
NetherlandsNetherlands2019-02-105AnnaMurciaDeserves more loveI love this podcast, the hosts are absolutely charming and I like the mix of ghost stories and history. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed!
AustraliaAustralia2019-11-115A@@@BTWhat a great podcast We’ll done
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-12-095melanic_mothBrilliant!!I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning and I’ve enjoyed every episode. Lil & Fitz do such a great job. They come up with interesting content for each episode and deliver it in a fun and engaging way. They are clearly passionate about both the paranormal and delivering a high quality show. It’s great hearing the listeners stories too. Keep up that fantastic work folks!!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-12-095DJ Ashley BDefinitely one to check outThe hosts of the show really capture your attention, and if you’re lucky enough to start listening now you’ll have a bunch of episodes to work through and in no time they’re voices will become familiar and part of your day I like how they take turns to read out the stories sent in. The research is done well and the shows are diverse, I heard about this podcast from the likes of the JH Campfire show and History Goes Bump so if you’re aware of those shows, then this certainly won’t disappoint
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-12-051Adam P. HarrisAwkwardDifficult listening. Childlike hosts with a cringeworthy manner. This podcast has potential and the subject matter is fascinating but the delivery is trite. To sum up, don’t waste your time, this podcast isn’t very good at all... sorry.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-10-315MrsCWSGreat podcast hostsI really enjoy the dynamic and relationship of the hosts. They offer something unique and a different angle in a fairly saturated market. I get excited when this drops in my podcast inbox
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-10-235sarahsemperWonderful and must listenI’ve just discovered this podcast and love the hosts ! They are just themselves and not trying to put on a scary voice like some other podcasts !. Love the fact that they are fellow brits , fantastic work guys
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-10-215zemb daxieLove this Spooky Podcast 👻Fitz & Lil are the best -so very British - very understated & fabulously self deprecating - there’s no hysteria or outrageous claims - just a great sincerity - I love how each story is read with fluency & just the right amount of inflection & atmosphere - no side talks deviation from the story line or tripping over words. I’m bingeing the back catalogue BRILLIANT 👻👻
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-10-185Flick HarrisA very British ghost cast!Great podcast - very well read ghost stories from 2 very measured Brits! So refreshing keep up the good work
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-09-115maryrose3679👌Brilliant podcast. Professional, interesting reply to messages and most importantly really spooky ! 10 out of 10
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-09-045ZoeGray17Fab Podcast!Absolutely love your podcast guys, keep them coming 👻👻👻
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-06-265djbamf247Knock Once for a great podcastI love this show and have been a listener for a while. Lil and Fitz are great hosts with perfect voices for a spooky show!! It’s brilliantly put together with perfect segments. Keep up the awesome work folks. Love love love 🖤🖤👻👻🖤🖤
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-06-145Marc C63Spooky 👻Great little Podcast 📻 well worth a listen if you are into spooky things, very well put together 👍
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-05-305Egypt1968Spooky funGreat chemistry makes this podcast interesting, fun and spooky.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-04-225MrsGroutSpooky but funI only discovered this podcast a few weeks ago, but have already smashed through all the episodes and can’t wait for more! Love the hosts, Fitz and Lil, they are great company on my daily commute to and from work. Thanks guys!!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2018-09-285Immortal_Vamp75Can’t wait for moreI love this podcast and can’t wait for future episodes! Very well presented - Fitz and Lil just make me smile. You can hear how much fun they have making this. Love the subject matter and the listeners stories. Keep it up!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2018-08-045Sharp - Steve OGhost stories well toldSmashing podcast and if you're into the paranormal then it's a great listen. What these guys do best is the story-telling aspect, and don't we all love a great ghost story??!! This podcast is well edited, has a nice pace, flows smoothly and the hosts are really engaging and clearly love their subject. Nice.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2018-07-305Jonny QueenTelling talesI do love a good ghost story and think there's nothing better than us sharing our experiences. The hosts tell each story with an ear for the creepy and the chilling but also add humanity and warmth - so it's a bit like sharing ghost stories with friends. Looking forward to exploring further! JL
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2018-07-185CoopzinatorCreepy and FantasticEntertaining voices that keep you hooked throughout the stories. No story is dramatised, with other explanations always considered. Presenters clearly have a passion for the subject and are knowledgable about the paranormal which makes it all the more interesting to listen to. Subscribe now! It’s totally worth it.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2018-04-305twigketsperfect mixThis podcast will have you nervously hooked but splash some great humour to put you at ease. Great sounding podcast and the hosts work it brilliantly. FZP
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2018-01-235Sweeet=^^=Great British ghost storiesThe stories are brilliant and the presenters are wonderfully British which makes a nice change from listening to overly religious and enthusiastic Americans for once. Not that I don’t love several of the American versions of these types of podcast... it’s just that as a Brit, I like things to be a bit less dramatic sometimes. This suits me down to the ground. It’s simple and concise and great spooky story listening. Thanks guys, keep up the good work x
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2018-01-165Akshay-Blood on the Rocks podSpooky!A great podcast. Spooky stories and really good hosts who definitely deliver! Definitely worth listening in if you're a fan of the paranormal.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2018-01-025Rough Giraffe (Mum and Stacey)Yes, Yes, YES!Listening to Lil and Fitz makes me want to go ghost hunting with them! The hosts look at paranormal activity, discuss ghosts, demon children and so much more! A brilliant show, well produced, and the hosts have great chemistry. This is an unbiased look at a fascinating subject. Highly recommend!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2018-01-015The Hoopers PodcastPretty much a perfect podcastBoth the hosts' voices, tone, approach, conversational cadence....pretty much EVERYTHING about this podcast, you got spot on. A perfect blend of conversational and prepared/fact-based. And it helps that the stories (on the Xmas Special) were incredibly interesting; the car crash is of course the most baffling! I'd vote for 'murder disguised as car crash'. And the quiz questions are a great touch to break up the stories as you go along!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2017-12-045JessNowThenWould recommend to True Crime FansHave really enjoyed discovering this podcast - great hosts and gripping storytelling. I'm a big true crime fan and I enjoyed this podcast in a similar way - thrilling, spooky, personal stories that at least feel true while you're listening!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2017-11-215LooksliketroubleNow one of my favesI listen to lots of podcasts and I've always prefered the ones from the US but this has changed my mind. I love the easy way Lil & Fitz tell thier stories and I find myself wanting to join in. It's a really well produced podcast and I like the way they have balanced their skeptisism and belief
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2017-11-205ThemeParkFilmsPodcastCut above the restTheir voices are so calming that even during the creepiest of stories I was chilling! Paranormal isn't a subject I'm usually interested in but the hosts make this interesting, funny & are so engaging I ended up listening to 3 episodes back to back. Recommended
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2017-11-185BeezletonkTerrific Paranormal PodcastPodcasts on the paranormal are plentiful and consequently the quality of some of the shows is pretty risible. Happily, Knock Once for Yes is an absolute joy to listen to - fantastic chemistry between the hosts, slick production and genuinely disturbing and interesting features. Long may this top-notch podcast continue!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2017-10-155LisrawGood and CreepyCreepy but with a good dose of humour. It's well written and well read. The hosts are both articulate and have likability. I love it.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2017-10-035applewoodtreeFunny, intriguing and hopeful!The hosts both have wonderful voices and are instantly relateable. I really enjoyed their way of telling the stories, making them funny, relatable and not without a healthy dose of scepticism. Really recommend if you like paranormal stories that aren't hyperbolic or scrutinised to the point where they aren't fun anymore! Really enjoyed!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2017-09-215NovaWildstarStorytellingAt its finest!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2017-07-105Raving_LunaticStorytelling of the highest orderPerfect voice for the material and audio quality, intruiging and amusing stories re: the Paranormal. Ouija boards at the ready
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2017-03-055AsmodeusnecroKnock Once For StoriesThe art of a great podcast is often an abstract thing to really articulate. At a base level you're essentially listening to people you don't know hold a conversation about something you hold an interest in. When a podcast truly excels, however, it can be so much more than this. It can feel like a conversation you're a part of, the presenters can feel familiar and welcoming. The whole experience can feel like sitting down with some friends and exchanging stories. And this is where Knock Once For Yes really comes in to its own. Each episode perfectly captures the familiar sense of awe and wonder that anyone who has ever exchanged ghost stories with a good friend will recognise immidiately. The comfort of good friends, the excited speculation of the unknown, Knock Once For Yes will strike a familiar chord to all who grew up with a fasination for the ghostly and the unexplained. Whether it be for sharing ghost stories, speculating on local legends, reminiscing over haunted places or reliving unexplainable past experiences, you will find yourself in very good company here.
NorwayNorway2019-02-125MintfennelLove Fitz and Lil!A couple from England that explore the paranormal. Soothing voices and expertly produced! Love the mix of listener stories, paranormal postcards and history tidbits:)
AustraliaAustralia2020-05-165Deed_11My new fave podcast.2 of the most soothing voices I’ve ever listened to. Thank you both for your podcast.
United StatesUnited States2020-05-195DokibatlGreat Voices!!This is one of my favorite ghost podcasts to listen to before I go to bed. They have great voices for the spooky subject matter. I like their low key approach to the supernatural. Great fun with an entertaining format!
AustraliaAustralia2020-05-164Deed_11My new fave podcast.2 of the most soothing voices I’ve ever listened to. Thank you both for your podcast.
CanadaCanada2020-06-155Shawn in MtlKnock Yes forever!Lil and Fitz give every episode a certain Victorian reverence that always sets the right mood. And when THEY are creeped out, so are you. Entertaining, is an understatement. Always leave you wanting more and counting the moments til the next episode.
United StatesUnited States2020-06-265Jackie WilkinsGreat storytelling!Really good flow to this podcast!
United StatesUnited States2020-07-295Jan Gen 2796Great spooky fun with a British accent!Unique and entertaining. The stories will transport you to another time and place. Love the paranormal postcard! Lil and Fitz have a great rapport and this makes listening even more fun. Best podcast for true ghostly tales.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-185podcaster204Great spooky podcastLove the hosts’ voices and spooky ghost stories! Very entertaining and unique paranormal tales.
CanadaCanada2020-08-245Helen Highwater74Best paranormal podcast!It’s the perfect mix of spookiness, history, and very relatable stories told by two very likeable people. Love this podcast! Please keep it going!
CanadaCanada2020-09-175Helen Highwater74Best paranormal podcast!It’s the perfect mix of spookiness, history, and very relatable stories told by two very likeable people. Love this podcast! Please keep it going!
United StatesUnited States2020-09-245prairieparapodFantastic StorytellingI hate to say it but I'm a bit of a podcast snob. I know within the first few minutes if I'm going to keep listening. This podcast is fantastic. The stories were interesting and told in an engaging way and with just enough creep factor and British accent to keep me coming back for more. I'm looking forward to the coming binge.
United StatesUnited States2020-10-025kelbaby1Thank youWonderful to hear an adult paranormal podcast. Appreciate the very interesting content not riddled with gratuitous f-bombs and the like. Keep it up!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-10-305Jessh_2A brilliantly spooky podcastSince I was a child I’ve loved paranormal stories and was an avid collector of ‘ghost’ books. I’ve been searching for a spooky podcast to listen to for ages! I’ve listened to quite a few and this one is my favourite! A range of great listener stories, lots of historical information and two passionate hosts! Keep it up guys as you’re doing a fantastic job!
AustraliaAustralia2020-05-162Deed_11My new fave podcast.2 of the most soothing voices I’ve ever listened to. Thank you both for your podcast.
United StatesUnited States2021-01-205JessHynes11Ouija board- also love your showSo, I looove your show. Thank you. It’s wonderful amd I listen to it every time you put out a new episode. I listened to one about the ouija board, and the family “passing along” the spooky gene. My mom used the ouija board when she was a teen. It told her she would marry Robert. Fastforeward and my dad.. his name is Robert. They are still married to this day. I asked the ouija board the same question at 14.. it spelled out Christopher. Now, five years later I married a Michael.. horrid experience.. we split and then two years later I met a Christopher..whom I also dreamed about prior to meeting him- I dreamed of him proposing. So, then, of course, I married a Christopher. Still going strong, for the most part. Also, he and I both met our son before he was born. He just walked into our bedroom one night. Ok. Love from Texas! Keep up the good work! VenusvalkyrieJH
United StatesUnited States2019-06-083UtahnyLove this podcastThis is a delightful podcast led by an absolutely charming couple who tell stories and read contributions by people who have experienced unusual or paranormal events. They are kind to their contributors and to each other and seem to thoroughly enjoy each other. They air their podcast only once a month but each is well prepared and full of interesting things. I really enjoy each one.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-10-183Flick HarrisA very British ghost cast!Great podcast - very well read ghost stories from 2 very measured Brits! So refreshing keep up the good work
United StatesUnited States2021-12-245fiesdreOne of my favorites!I love this podcast! It makes me want to travel overseas in search of ghostly haunts. This show is such a pleasant listen. I like that it usually has a long run time, and only wish that they could post more often. But I understand. I especially enjoy that the hosts aren’t cynical, and seem to be having fun with the content. They are very welcoming. Thanks!
United StatesUnited States2022-03-215lolam6One of my top choicesLil and Fitz are AMAZING! They put their heart and soul into this and it shows. I always anticipate for new episodes.
United StatesUnited States2022-04-125KyTnGuyHaunted Kentucky ReviewerLove this podcast. A lot of great podcasts are ruined by excessive ads and annoying music, but not this one. The hosts seem genuinely warm and friendly and interact well together. It’s like sitting in the library of an old English manor and reading a good ghost story.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2022-05-195Flick HarrisA very British ghost cast!A Fabulous standout podcast - beautifully read stories from 2 very measured Brits! A Wonderfully refreshing listen in a somewhat saturated market keep up the good work 👍🏼
SwedenSweden2022-08-245Hazze63085 or 0 ⭐️?Podcasts i still listen to after a try out period of 5 episodes get 5 ⭐️. Because why should i listen to pods i don’t think are awsome? Pods i don’t keep listening to get no rewiews by me . A pod i don’t like might be loved by someone else . So why should a bad review from me maybe scare away some who might love it . This pod is one who gets its 5 well earned ⭐️. Hasse.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2022-08-251StevenGrace10Another good podcast lostI was doing some spring cleaning of my podcast shows and was surprised to see this one has fallen by the wayside. It was definitely one of the better ones but with 1 show in 6 months looks like another that has not survived. Sadly removed from my library.
United StatesUnited States2022-08-265AEHaley0661KOFYLove this podcast When are you back? Miss it August 27th 2022
United StatesUnited States2022-08-285thesmithhouseWonderful KOFY!I always look forward to a new episode of Knock Once for Yes. Lil and Fitz are like two very dear and warm friends who invite us in for some good paranormal conversation and spooky stories. Keep up the great work!
United StatesUnited States2022-08-285CorslitefMy fave!The best paranormal podcast, with just the right balance of spook and history. I’ve added so many locations to my bucket list based on your paranormal postcards!
United StatesUnited States2022-08-285WabewaneParanormal content without egoThe thing that attracts me the most to this show is the energy and self-effacing humor between the hosts. I feel like I know them and we are all talking about our experiences with unanswerable events. Production like that takes professionalism. Thank you for this podcast! ❤️
United StatesUnited States2022-08-285msmaven73Great show!This independent podcast is one of the best for evocative language, story telling, and research.
United StatesUnited States2022-08-285Ambritsmom40My favorite podcastI love this podcast! I’m so excited for new episodes.
CanadaCanada2022-08-285kaielfrogLove itI’ve been enjoying this excellent podcast for a couple of years - always well-researched, carefully written, and ably narrated. I especially like that I can hear the interest in Lil and Fitz’ voices as they discuss their spooky stories, but they always deliver a balanced view and discuss alternative theories. Listening to KOFY is a super way to vicariously visit haunted places with good company.
United StatesUnited States2022-08-295catlvr1959Love it!Hands down one of my favorite podcasts! Lil and Fitz are funny and informative. Keep up the great work!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2022-09-285Sampy_morComforting, fireside story vibe!Fantastic hosts delivering an intelligent and meaningful show. They’ve both got really nice voices and the delivery is clear and engaging. Their appreciation for the subject and their listeners really shines through. They mention that the sharing of experiences really helps people and I wholeheartedly agree. In this fast paced, stressful world it’s so important to take a moment and think about those things which are ‘other’. Also, Lil is a Children of Green Knowe fan so they have my *full* trust!! Thank you for this podcast - it really stands out and I’ve listened to many on this theme.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2022-10-095balernohappycloudThis is amazing!I absolutely love the world of paranormal and all things spooky, so this is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to! For some reason I’m very addicted to the Christmas episodes, it’s so good! Keep up the good work!
United StatesUnited States2023-01-145patty dissLovely voices and wonderful storiesI just started listening to your podcast when I heard you both introduced on Jim Harold’s Campfire. I’m so glad I did. You two are terrific! Keep up the great work! A U.S. listener. 😄
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2023-01-235RuthieReview2I’m addictedAs a person who loves all things spooky mashed up with history, I love your podcast. Heard you on Jim Harolds’s Campfire and just knew I had to check you guys out. Looking forward to catching up on all the podcasts I’ve missed to date.
United StatesUnited States2023-02-055Steve456743Holy Smokes….…this podcast is SO good!! How is it that it has been around since 2017 and I am just now finding/hearing about it?!?! Like another recent reviewer, I heard about it on Jim Harold’s Campfire in January 2023. Both of the hosts of this podcast are super intelligent, funny, and quite a pleasure to listen to. There’s wonderful paranormal content and interviews too!! Even the sound music/sound effects are great and eerie. One small piece of constructive criticism - you may want to think about changing the design of the main podcast title art. If I were just surfing around, looking for cool, eerie, history-informed British podcasts about hauntings, I never would chosen this podcast, based on just the title art. A more spooky re-design of the “Knock Once for Yes” title could do wonders for attracting more listeners. Thanks for the great entertainment and information guys! From America….
AustraliaAustralia2023-02-065humbirtGhostly tales and historical haunts.. perfect!Came to this podcast from another ghost show and am really enjoying the format of listeners’ tales and learning about historically haunted places. The hosts are very easy on the ears and have lovely personalities. Looking forward to what’s in store for 2023 🙂
United StatesUnited States2023-02-175Lynsey_with_ParaholicsLove this podcast!Found you guys through Jim Harold’s podcast and oh my gosh, so glad I did! Your voices are so soothing and I literally listen to you all day as I work from home. I will be sad when I am caught up. I love the topics and locations and your writing skills are superb. I am from Midwest America, and I can’t wait to visit one day and use your podcast as a paranormal guidebook. Thank you so much and please never stop! 🤍
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2023-02-205JoWickhamBrilliantMy new favourite podcast - it ticks all the boxes, spooky stories, history & really fab hosts. I’m utterly binging (currently in lockdown - again 😂) it’s BRILLIANT
United StatesUnited States2023-02-235PeggyO’CGreat podcastThis is a great podcast. The hosts are charming, funny and full of fabulous intriguing stories.
AustraliaAustralia2023-04-015DringwrSo glad I found youMy new “Go to “ podcast. I love hearing about the places the presenters visit, and really enjoy the Paranormal Postcards. Very easy to listen to. England is such a haunted country. I would love to be able to visit some of the places featured. If only they weren’t so far from the Antipodes!
United StatesUnited States2023-05-0652000lilithOne of my Favorite PodcastsWhen I want to relax and listen to a good story, this is where I find it. The shows don’t come out like clockwork, but that is one of the finer points, as this couple is real, with life popping up on them as with all. They research, in person, many of the places discussed, and you can feel their love of sharing anything they find. Get relaxed and go for their story telling ride.
United StatesUnited States2022-08-265AEH0661KOFYLove this podcast When are you back? Miss it August 27th 2022
United StatesUnited States2024-01-025Emilyk1214Just what I neededI was in a podcast rut searching for a new one and Knock Once For Yes was exactly what I needed. It’s clear the hosts work insanely hard on their research and I love a long podcast episode. I’m from the US and it’s great to hear new and different stories that are based in the UK.
United StatesUnited States2024-03-295T Fitz.Love this podcast!I’m really enjoying this podcast but worry there may not be any new episodes coming!!
United StatesUnited States2024-04-295T Fitz.Where are you? Hope you’re okay?! Please come back!Where are you? Hope you’re okay! Please come back!