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Real paranormal encounters

Each episode Lil & Fitz share their own spooky experiences with the paranormal, visit haunted locations, explore local legends & urban myths as well as share several of our listeners real ghost encounters. Subscribe to the show on your favourite podcast provider to get the latest true ghost stories, haunted history and things that go bump in the night.

We do our best to ensure that our regular episodes are released free, without advertisements and without putting all the best stories behind a paywall. We can only do this through the generosity of our listeners. So if you want to help us bring you more exciting ghost stories, consider supporting the show with either a small one off donation through Ko-fi or a regular monthly donation through Patreon from as little as $1 a month! Our Patreon supporters will also get access to some bonus content and other goodies, so visit us on Patreon to see what else you could get by supporting the show.

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Recent episodes

Podcast EpisodesEpisode 74 – Whitby Abbey
July 5, 2024

Episode 74 – Whitby Abbey

Lil & Fitz travel to Whitby and visit the haunted ruins of Whitby Abbey
Podcast EpisodesEpisode 73 – Infrasound in the Paranormal
February 28, 2024

Episode 73 – Infrasound in the Paranormal

We investigate Infrasound and the Paranormal
Podcast EpisodesEpisode 72 – Haunted Railways
December 24, 2023

Episode 72 – Haunted Railways

All aboard the ghost train!
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Featured blog posts

BlogParanormal PostcardsParanormal Postcard – The Old Ferryboat Inn
August 31, 2022

Paranormal Postcard – The Old Ferryboat Inn

Nestled on a bend of the River Great Ouse, sits a whitewashed inn with blackened timbers and a thatched roof. When we visit early one cool autumn morning before the…
BlogParanormal Postcard – The Hellfire Caves
March 9, 2022

Paranormal Postcard – The Hellfire Caves

Planning a visit? Location – West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Entry fee – Yes, can pre-book online, discounts for Children, students, OAP’s and National Trust members Opening times – seasonal; check before…
BlogParanormal PostcardsThe Ghosts of Green Knowe
December 19, 2020

The Ghosts of Green Knowe

With the festive season in full swing, we reminisce about our visit to the Manor at Hemingford Grey. This house inspired the book that introduced Lil to the tradition of…
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