Episode 19 – Haunted Antiques

This episode we have true paranormal stories from Andrea, Manny and CJ. We have another spooky update from KOFY HQ and we visit the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre.


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Episode 18 – The Ghosts of Green Knowe

Episode 18 – The Ghosts of Green Knowe

This episode we visit the house that inspired the Children of Green Knowe series of books and that also inspired Lil’s fascination with the paranormal. We have listeners stories from Raymond, Leslie and Andrew. There is another KOFY HQ update, this time involving hats and Fitz talks about some weird goings on at his mother’s house.

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Episode 17 – The Ghost of Odell


This episode we visit Odell to chase down the ghost of Sir Rowland Alston on his desperate dash to save his soul. Fitz tells the tale of Jerusha Howe and the Longfellows wayside inn. KOFY listener and paranormal investigator Alan Tigwell shares his findings on a recent paranormal photo from Eynsford Castle that made the papers. We have listeners’ stories from Merrick, John & Tiff and an update on yet more spooky goings on at KOFY HQ!


As discussed in the show, here are the pictures taken by Jon and investigated by Alan:

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Episode 14 – Paranormal Postcard: Kimbolton Castle

Lil visits Kimbolton Castle and catches up with an old friend that used to study there. We have more listeners stories, including an update on the Baker Hotel. More Spooky goings on at KOFY HQ and an EVP from our interview with Starforger!

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