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I had originally planned for these updates to be done monthly but as must be pretty obvious by now, that isn’t happening. It is mainly due to there not being a huge amount to update about on a month by month basis and partly because we aren’t sure what you want to hear about! Do let us know if you have anything that you would like to hear about or if you have any questions for us and we’ll be glad to answer them for you.

You may have noticed that we stopped uploading the main episodes through Patreon and this is because a couple of people mentioned that as they have both the main feed and their patron feed set up, they were getting each episode twice. As Patreon is not how most people discover the podcast, we decided to stop uploading the main episodes this way and will keep the Patreon feed just for bonus content. I will be deleting the existing main episodes from the Patreon feed shortly, unless anyone has any objections, and all of the previous episodes will still be available as usual through your podcast host of choice.

Behind the scenes, we are both working away ensuring that you have some new and exciting spooky content coming up and we really hope you have enjoyed the episodes we have released so far. I’m looking to try and get involved with some actual investigations this year so hopefully I’ll have some exciting evidence to share with you. Interestingly, since Cambridgeshire Ghost Research visited with their haunted items, I’ve noticed a little bit more activity around KOFY HQ. I often work late on my computer in the living room and some nights I keep catching something out of the corner of my eye in the hallway that appears to be keeping an eye on me. It might just be me imagining things when I’m tired but it feels like it might be something more. I’ll keep you posted.

Those of you that follow us on social media will be aware that the KOFYmobile has been giving us a bit of trouble recently. It has a few electrical problems and whilst I’ve got the worst problem fixed, we still have to be on the safe side and fully charge the battery before we go on an outing as it has a nasty habit of going completely flat! 

This kind of leads me into our finances and what we are doing with the money we are receiving from our wonderful patrons. As you know I was made redundant last year and took this as an opportunity to start my own business in audio production. It is wonderful to be working for myself, but until I get a few more clients on board I’m struggling to pay the bills and so have nothing left to put back into the podcast. The money we are receiving from our wonderful patrons is all going towards our podcast & website hosting and what is left contributes towards fuel so that we can visit haunted locations as well as things like entrance fees. It may not be flashy or exciting and there is nothing we can unbox or show you but your support is vital to keeping the podcast going and we really can’t thank you enough.

In other news, I’m slowly catching up on releasing all of the podcast episodes on YouTube. The episodes themselves are all the same audio as the podcast, but I do add the pictures of our visits and sometimes some video as a background so even if you have already listened to the episodes you might want to check them out. Getting more views, likes and subscribers will also help other people that may not listen to podcasts in the traditional manner to find us so please do consider checking out our channel and subscribing. You can find the channel here –

It is taking some time to get all the episodes up as my studio pc is quite old and focussed on audio production so rendering a video, even what is basically a slideshow, takes a few hours at a time. This also means I can’t do anything else with it whilst it is rendering. We have noted that the video content that we have provided our patrons is some of the most popular patron content that we have done and we would love to do more. We are hoping this year that we can generate enough through both my business and through our patrons that we can invest in a new pc capable of rendering video more efficiently.

We would also love to hear from you about what content you would most like to see for patrons. We are keen to keep the main show free from advertising and not have some episodes locked behind a paywall, but we do really want to ensure that patrons have something as a reward for helping to keep the show going. We would love to hear your suggestions and even if we aren’t able to do them all at the moment, we will certainly keep them in mind for when we can.

Thank you all for listening to the show and a huge thank you to those of you that support us through Patreon and Ko-fi. It is wonderful and humbling to hear how much you enjoy listening to our experiences. If you would like to help support the show, we really need to reach new listeners. It would be a huge help if you can rate and review the show, share it with your friends, recommend us on social media and just generally get the word out. We want to make 2019 the year of Knock Once For Yes!

Stay Spooky,


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