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Episode 70 – Premonitions & Prophecies

The world seems to be turning ever faster as it is spooky season once again! Of course, in many ways its spooky season all year round at KOFY HQ, and whereas most creators save up their creepiest content especially for October, we tell ghost stories all year round. So, for this, our 7th year podcasting and our 7th Hallowbirthdayween episode, we thought we’d do something a bit different, and we are diving into premonitions and prophecies!

This episode the paranormal radar is being resurrected from it’s early grave. We have listeners stories from Paul, Kelly, Sarah, and Bea and we travel all the way up to Yorkshire to visit the home of a prophetess, in a cave by the river Nidd, and learn her petrifying story.



Intro 00:00:00
Paranormal Radar 00:03:58
Paul’s Story 00:10:42
Sarah’s Story 00:17:21
Kelly’s Story 00:35:45
Bea’s Story 00:42:15
Mother Shipton 00:47:57

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