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Dang it! I’m still not doing very well on these monthly updates…

Thanks for hanging on in there, we are making some progress behind the scenes. My business is starting to get somewhere, though we are now living off leaves (we’re growing our own salad and vegetables now, though it is a constant battle against the bloomin snails!). So if you know of anyone in need of podcast editing or post production, send them over to me at to help me keep putting leaves on the table!

We’re glad the Hellfire caves video went down well, we’ve got a few more bits recorded to make into videos for you and the next curious case is all scripted and ready to record. That should be up with you shortly and we hope you like it. Do let us know what you like and don’t like of the patron only content so that we can make more of it. At the moment we are just kind of making various things that we think you will enjoy, but if there is something you really like and want to see more of, or something you think we should cover or do, let us know!

I know that I’ve still got the goals to update, that’s taken a bit of a back seat whilst I get the business up and running as it is an awful lot of work! I will sit down soon and assess how to change these in light of our new circumstances. We took your comments on board and are keeping the P.O. Box on the back burner for now, though hopefully we should be able to arrange this in future. On the plus side, we are loving our new microphones! They sound great and are saving me a lot of time in editing. There may be some slight sound changes as I adjust our post production to make the most of them.

We’re also glad you are enjoying the new website, I’m really happy with it. Don’t forget that you can find links to the news stories and articles we reference in the notes for each episode, skim over the latest posts on each of our social media accounts from the home page and visit our merch store! We’ve loved seeing the pictures of you in your new KOFY T-Shirts, so please do keep sending them in!

Speaking of sending things in, we asked a little while back about a name for the KOFYmobile. We had some great suggestions, but I think we’ve been calling it the KOFYmobile for so long now that it’s kind of stuck. We did really enjoy hearing your suggestions, and if we get a really good one we may just have to use it.

Still on the social media front, we have noticed that a lot more of you are getting involved in our facebook group. We try to keep an eye on it quite regularly so you’ll often catch us on. Please do join us for a chat or to let us know what you think of the latest episode. We’ve been hearing some interesting accounts there too and we’ll share some of those with you on upcoming episodes.

Speaking of which, I’d best crack on with mixing the next episode!

Stay Spooky,


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