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For those of you that don’t follow us on social media or aren’t subscribed to our YouTube channel, we’ve just released a video sharing some spooky stories by the fireside from Alan Tigwell’s book ‘Ghosts in the Garden of England’.

Keep watching this space as we are currently editing up some more videos for you, including some special Patron only bonus content!

Thank you so much to Alan for allowing us to share these stories from his fantastic book Ghosts in the Garden of England: True tales of  the paranormal in Kent. Please do check out this title and Alan’s other  book; Collecting Ouija Boards in the UK via the link below.

From Saturday 2nd May and for the next 5 days you can download the  kindle version of Ghosts in the Garden of England for free!   

Any Ouija Board enthusiasts should definitely head on over to Alan’s  Instagram page at the Ouijatorium to check out his incredible Ouija and  Talking Board Collection! 

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