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Hello everyone and thank you for helping us to reach another goal! We have now reached our second goal allowing us to obtain a P.O. Box address so that we can accept mail and we are really looking forward to seeing some of your paranormal postcards!

We will be working on getting this set up as soon as possible and will let you know the address on the website and on the show.

In other news, Fitz has been made redundant and is in the process of starting a new company editing and producing podcasts. So if you know anyone in need of those services, please do direct them to

This does also mean that Fitz will have a bit more time to produce content for you and we are already working on a video from our visit to the site that inspired the Green Knowe novels that piqued Lil’s interest in the paranormal as a youngster!

To add insult to injury, Fitz’s car also decided it was in need of retirement so between setting up the business and searching for a new car, things have been a bit busy at KOFY HQ! We are however hoping to replace it with something we can effectively use as a mobile recording studio. We hope you don’t mind if we divert some of the funds that would otherwise have gone towards updating our other equipment to help us achieve this.

It will though allow us to be a bit more thorough on our visits and bring you more extra content. For example, we are currently looking to pay a visit to the Hellfire Caves….

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