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Hello wonderful patrons, we hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year despite current world events!

We wanted to give you a little update as we’ve been a bit on the quiet side again recently. It wasn’t intentional, we had quite a few plans to revamp our Patreon and get some more stuff out for you, which we are still working on, but this all got put on the back burner when we suffered a loss in the family due to that which shall not be named, and another family member who had also caught the virus was hospitalised.

We also had some drama with our cat who was recently diagnosed as diabetic, which is something we’re pretty used to in this household, but we had ongoing difficulties getting her insulin dose right. As it turns out, it seems as though the reason for this was because she started going into remission, which is awesome! But it does mean that we’ve had to be really on the ball with blood sugar testing and taking her to the vets very frequently, and that has been quite worrying and stressful.

Hopefully, if she does go into remission, it will remove one of the barriers we are currently encountering with regards to going out on visits, as at the moment we have to give her twice daily injections. Add to that the KOFYmobile failed its MOT and needs quite a bit of work doing to make it roadworthy again, and with the current pandemic situation in the UK, we’ve tabled this work for now until things are safer for everybody. That being said, it looks like lockdown might be going on for quite a bit longer yet, which means we are limited to KOFY HQ for the time being anyway.

It certainly isn’t all doom and gloom though; we do have some things in the pipeline including some new patron rewards and a minor change to the current rewards. One of the problems we’ve been having is the huge increase in postage costs that have happened in the UK and the change in the way letters are priced. It may sound stupid but having badges in the reward package hugely increases the costs of sending them out as they are just a tiny bit too large to count as a normal letter. We’ve been trying to find a solution to this issue and, after a lot of samples and trial and error, we are looking to replace the badges with fridge magnets.

We are also planning to introduce a new aftershow ‘postmortem’ zoom meeting for our patrons where we can get together and have a chat about the latest episode and other spooky things. We are still working out the exact format for this and I’ll put up a separate post going into a bit more detail and to get your thoughts on it. This idea was put forward by one of our patrons, so thank you for the suggestion and if anyone has other ideas about rewards or content please do get in touch.

We’re also going to be taking advantage of some of Patreon’s merch delivery so expect to see a couple of new reward levels soon, but don’t forget that you can also just buy from our merch store rather than sign up for a regular donation just for the merch!

As always, these things are a work in progress so if you have any suggestions do feel free to get in touch. But for now, I’m going to get back to writing the next episode, in which we will be talking about our favourite ghosts! Take care everyone, and we’ll see you soon 😊

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