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As we get to the end of 2019 and are about to enter a new decade, I thought it was time for another update. Those of you that follow our posts here and on social media will probably have some idea how this will go!

This year really sucked. That is pretty much my summation of this year. We started this year perhaps not exactly in the best place. I was still getting my business started after being made redundant so financially things were pretty tight. Lil also works at the same place I used to work so she is also under the pretty much constant threat of redundancy in addition to being in a pretty stressful workplace.

But, we had our little kitty family and I was getting some new clients in. We were even getting invited to some paranormal investigations and it really seemed like things were getting better. And then it didn’t.

I think you all know by now the basic behind the issues we had with our cats. We were at the vets pretty much twice a week for almost 6 months and our whole life was focused around pills, injections and dressing changes. It was mentally devastating, physically exhausting and financially crippling. I think we are both a little better emotionally now, though I’ll admit to still shedding the odd tear when I come across a photo or find myself wondering why the house is so quiet. The business has been ‘ok’ but I’m still not quite making enough that it isn’t a bit of a panic every time the mortgage payment comes due and we’ve had to be bailed out by family a few times.

Without getting into a list of doom and gloom, suffice to say that things have been pretty tough for a while, and not just because of what we have already shared with you, and sometimes just getting up in the morning has been hard. I’ve had enough. I want to make a change, I want this year to be the year that we break out of this hole and feel like we are making it, and we have been so uplifted and motivated with your support this year that I think we can really do it.

We had a few plans for the end of last year that had to be put on hold, including some really exciting things like being invited out on paranormal investigations, we did manage to sneak in a couple and we’ve got a few things to share with you as a result of that which we will be talking about in an upcoming patron episode. We’ve got a few more ideas bubbling away, but if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see more of, either for patron-only content, or in the main episodes, we’d love to hear from you. Of course we will be trying to get back out and about a bit more now that we are able, and checking out lots of spooky locations—we hope you may have already enjoyed the little sneak peek patron-only video for the next episode’s haunted location!

You will know from our Patreon goals that we have some short to mid range goals and some pretty aspirational ones too, like creating a proper studio space in our attic. I’m not suggesting that I think we can get quite that far, but by the end of the year I’d really love to hit that ‘Mail Time’ Patreon goal. We’ve had a few of you get in touch wanting to send us your paranormal postcards and we would really love to have more of that and be able to share it on the show!

Obviously we know that not everyone can or wants to financially support us. We totally get it and the main show will always be free and we are doing our best to avoid having adverts in the show as well. Whilst we are massively appreciative of your financial support—and  it really is the only thing that lets us keep making the show at the moment—we have also been completely bowled over by your moral support. Your messages, emails, tweets and kind words have been the only thing to get us through the day sometimes.

We really want to grow this year and we hope that you can help us to do so, and this doesn’t have to be financial by any means, there are so many things you can do that will help us out enormously without costing you a penny, from rating and reviewing the show on whatever platform you listen to us on, subscribing to us on YouTube, sharing the show with a friend, tweeting about us, making facebook posts about us. We recently came second in the Higgypop paranormal entertainment awards for podcasts and next year, we want the win! Nominate us for awards, whatever you can think of to spread the word. It might only take a few seconds of your time, but it would mean the world to us. And of course, the show wouldn’t be the same without your stories so if you know anyone with a story they’d be happy to share, please recommend us to them!

And so, on to 2020. We hope to make this year the best one yet!


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